Triumph Europe

“Working with Gerry Rose has been eye-opening into the ways we work and the amount we can achieve when we work together effectively.  He has inspired me and my teams over the years that I have worked with him and I consider him to be as much a part of the team as anyone else. He has helped nurture my own personal leadership style as well as providing me with the sounding board that I need to ensure that I can fully support the development and coaching of my own team and peers.

Gerry is not only a solid, practical performance improver…but he also executes a level of flair and charisma which in my business sector is just as valuable and necessary as the tools and processes that he equips us to work with. It is highly unusual to have a coach that can add significant value on the strategic business orientated level…as well as the management style and behaviours in how we as a team can deliver it.

I thoroughly recommend Gerry and expect to continue working with him for a number of years to come.”

Suzanne McKenna
Global Brand Manager
Triumph Europe



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