The Leadership Journey Club

Over the years since our formation, Whiteroom has been privileged to have worked with many thousands of individuals at various stages in their own personal leadership journey. In that time, we have been inundated with requests and suggestions regarding how we might continue to work together to continue this journey development.

Our response is our newly created Leadership Journey Club, an exclusive opportunity for individuals who are on their own journey and who aspire to great things in their career. The club, will bring together small groups of diverse and talented senior people who already know what benefits they are going to get from further support, great coaching and peer collaboration within the Whiteroom family. Membership of The Leadership Journey Club is by invitation only and great care will be taken to ensure that members are grouped with peers likely to provide mutual benefit.

Club Offer

Executive Coaching

By joining as an individual member for 12 months, you will be entitled to four quarterly Executive Coaching sessions with renowned coach Gerry Rose. Coaching allows members to effectively ‘stop the action’ and focus on those key issues that will benefit from external insight and guidance, and will challenge members to tackle those things most likely to accelerate performance.

The Leadership Journey Retreat

In addition, your yearly membership will enable you to attend one of our 2-Day Leadership Journey Retreats. Each retreat will be tailored to the needs of the group involved and will be designed and facilitated by Gerry Rose and associates appropriate to the event agenda. Retreats will be held in excellent therapeutic venues, and will encourage fresh thinking and perspective on a variety of topics including your leadership wellbeing.

Peer Group Connectivity

By becoming a member of The Leadership Journey Club, you will also be able to benefit from great peer group connectivity. Within your group you will be able to confidentially share and explore issues, benefit from experienced learning and enhance your external network.

Lifetime Journey

At Whiteroom, we recognize that leadership is an exciting and, at times, lonely and stressful lifetime journey. By joining our Leadership Journey Club, you will be adding a significant support structure to the system that you have already created and it is our aim that this addition will ease your challenges and inspire you on to unforeseen success levels.


We recognise that there will be a number of ways of funding your membership. To this end, we are happy for investment to be made by your corporation or by you as an individual and details will be included in our invitation to join letters.

For further information on this exciting new addition to our service, contact us directly via one of the numbers provided.

 Coming soon, details of our 2018 programs in the USA and the UK.